Ideal Contributor Profile Mapping

No more endless searches and wasted efforts; we streamline your contributor hunt.

Why waste time scouting for subject matter experts when you can optimize your efforts with ONE simple strategy?

What job titles do my ideal contributors have?

Identify the professionals who speak your audience's language.

What industries do they work in?

Pinpoint contributors who bring industry-specific insights.

What's the size of the company they work for? Are they self-employed?

Save time by considering approval processes based on company size.

What location(s) am I open to? (If it’s a location-based article)

Specify your geographic preferences effortlessly.

Is work experience relevant?

If yes, how many years of experience do your ideal contributors have? Zero in on the experienced voices that resonate with your readers.

Would my readers prefer to hear from professionals with XYZ certifications?

Tailor your contributors to meet your audience's expectations.