11 Must-Try Content Creation Tools

best content creation tools

If you’re not creating content for your business you’re behind the curve.

Great content attracts, engages, delights, and retains a loyal base of customers.

But the content creation process involves a lot of tasks, from writing to designing to making videos.

Luckily, having the right content creation tools in your arsenal makes it easier. These tools save you time, effort, and money.

With so many tools in the market, how do you decide which content creation tool is best for you?

In this article, we asked our pool of experienced content creators to share their favorite tools and why they swear by them. 

Let’s dig in!


  • 4 Factors to Consider When Choosing Content Creation Tools
  • 11 Best Content Creation Tools for Small-to-Medium-Sized Businesses 


4 Factors to Consider When Choosing Content Creation Tools

When deciding on the right content creation tool for your business, keep in mind that no single tool suits all needs. These tools are designed for various purposes and have their limits. However, there are some key attributes to look out for, such as:

1. It saves time

A great content creation tool should save you time while helping you achieve similar or better results than what you could achieve on your own. Choose a tool that strikes the right balance between efficiency and quality. 

2. User-friendly interface

Choose a content creation tool that is easy to use and intuitive. You should be able to interact with the tool seamlessly and receive readily available help if needed, especially as a new user.

3. Affordability

You don’t need to break the bank for a content creation tool. There are many free tools to add to your arsenal, and for those that require a fee, there are options available to fit budgets of all sizes.

4. It keeps you organized

Opt for a tool that helps you stay organized and consistent in creating and publishing content.

There’s no point investing in a tool if you’re not going to be able to deliver your best work in a timely and efficient manner.


11 Best Content Creation Tools for Small-to-Medium-Sized Businesses 

Content creation can be time-consuming. But the right tools make it easy to create and publish content consistently for your target audience.

Below, we’ll cover the top content creation tools to use according to experts, including: 

1. Descript

Matt LeBris of Decoding Success Podcast says, “If you’re creating audio content, Descript is a must.” 

“Between their AI voice features, which allow for easy editing, all the way to their studio sound features at one click of a button, they’re a must-use.”

Look no further than Descript if you’re seeking a tool that simplifies publishing your podcasts and videos directly to various platforms and podcast directories with just a click.

Descript transcribes audio and video content into text in a matter of minutes, and it also enables users to record and add voiceovers to their content directly within the platform.

2. Latte 

Ana Reisdorf of Reisdorf Writing Service tells us of this new tool “that takes YouTube videos and automatically turns them into 30-second clips.”

Latte also generates social media blurbs from the videos. It has been amazing for us”, she says.

3. Canva

Untold Recipes’ Nosheen Barbar says she loves Canva because it’s affordable and user-friendly.

“I started blogging 2.5 years ago and wasn’t very tech-savvy. I used the help of a professional graphic designer to do a few basic things for my blog, but the price tag for that was significant.”

“With Canva I pay under $20 and I have learned to use it efficiently for Instagram, Youtube, My blog pictures and collages, and my Media Kit. I also use it to create lead magnets for my website, and to prepare detailed proposals when I have to pitch to brands for collaborations.”

“All of these things are essential in the life of a content creator. Competition is intense and the audience has high expectations from us when it comes to engaging visuals.”

4. SEMrush 

SEMrush is my favorite content creation tool due to its wide array of features,” says Brea Thomas of RumbleOn

“It excels in SEO, offering valuable keyword research data, competitive analysis, and SEO audits.” 

“Key features like the ‘Keyword Magic Tool helps me identify new, relevant keywords to include in my content while the ‘SEO Content Template’ improves the SEO of my content by suggesting changes based on competition.”

“I use the ‘Topic Research Tool’  to source fresh content ideas, and I use the ‘Content Audit Tool’ to identify improvement opportunities for all existing content. Overall, SEMrush is a comprehensive, user-friendly tool that helps me streamline my content creation.”

5. Google Docs

“We live in Google Docs,” says Ana Reisdorf.

“It helps us easily share and edit documents both internally and externally.”

If you fear losing important data, Google Docs is a must-have as all documents are stored in the cloud. It also integrates with other Google Workspace apps, such as Google Sheets, Google Drive, and Google Slides making it easy to create content across different platforms.


6. Captions 

“If you’re producing content with audio, being inclusive for all viewership is nearly mandatory.”

To do that, Matt LeBris uses Captions, an app that autogenerates captions with numerous different styles and helps you edit easily. 

7. ChatGPT

“I have fully embraced AI as an SEO content writer and content creator,” says Heather Ritchie

“You’re either going to embrace it or disregard it and I choose to embrace it because it allows me to do the following:

– Find amazing content ideas I never would have thought of
– Answer questions
– Research content for the courses I create
– Create in-depth outlines for presentations, articles, courses, etc.
– Gain helpful insight into topics
– Create fun social media posts in my tone and voice
– Write promotional emails

And so much more. 

“It is the backbone of my content creation though I don’t use it to write my articles, course lessons, etc. But I choose to jump on the ChatGPT bandwagon for what it is suitable for. Plus, it saves me a lot of time spent researching or writing, thus streamlining my whole content creation process.”

8. AutoPod 

AutoPod takes the leg work out of the very tedious job of camera angle swaps and allows you to shift your time and energy elsewhere,” says Matt LeBris.

It is “an AI tool that streamlines long-form video content editing with numerous camera angles.”

9. Grammarly

“I love having a Grammarly extension in my browser,” says Ana Reisdorf.

As writers, having good grammar and no spelling mistakes is important and that’s where this tool comes in handy. It suggests better word choices in real-time. It is like having a personal writing assistant right at your fingertips. 

10. WordPress 

“It offers a versatile and user-friendly platform for creating, managing, and publishing digital content on your website or blog that I think is overlooked actually because some people think it’s an old or outdated platform which just isn’t true,” says Haley Slade of Slade Copy House.”

WordPress provides a highly intuitive interface that simplifies the content creation process, allowing you to focus on crafting engaging and valuable content without technical complications which is every business owner’s dream! Whether you’re writing articles, adding multimedia elements, or organizing your content, it’s pretty seamless and efficient.”

“It also has an extensive plugin ecosystem. With thousands of plugins available, you can enhance the functionality of your website and optimize your content for search engines.”

“It also excels in collaboration and workflow management. It supports multiple user roles and permissions, allowing teams to work together on content creation projects. Whether you have writers, editors, or designers, WordPress enables smooth collaboration, ensuring a seamless content production process.”

“It even offers a range of publishing features, including scheduling and automation. You can plan your content calendar and set publishing dates in advance, ensuring your content goes live at optimal times for maximum reach and engagement. This enables you to maintain a consistent content strategy while freeing up your time for other important tasks.”

11. Answerthepublic 

Brian David Crane of CallerSmart recommends Answerthepublic.

“It gives you the exact searches users are searching for in Bing and Cloud, which can be great topics to write blogs or articles on in your niche”. 

“As the importance of long-tail search keywords increase, marketers and content creators can use this tool to analyze the motivation and emotions behind why and what users search for specific queries”. 

Wrap Up


Whether you’re a writer, graphic designer, or video creator, this list has tools that will make your content creation process easier and more efficient.

Experiment, discover what works best for you, and have your content boost your business.

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