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Meet our founder: Rachael U. Bassey

There’s a reason my friends call me “Ray of Sunshine”.

I love people. I love sharing and listening to stories. I love an energetic room packed with laughter and meaningful conversations.
As a marketer, I get to be this person unapologetically.

This journey of a thousand miles started in 2019 when I joined Databox, a business analytics platform that makes it easy for users to visualize, analyze, and report on business performance at a glance.
I was hired to grow our content marketing community from a few hundred to 10,000.
I did that and more.

* I crowdsourced expert quotes from more than 13,000 professionals and businesses such as Semrush, Hubspot, Webris, Shopify, SmartBug Media, Sprout Social, WebFX, etc.

* I wrote 100s of articles and updated 100 more that still rank well for high-volume keywords

* I led our content distribution efforts and grew our social media following by 100% in 2 years.
I enjoyed building the wheels for Databox. I had the innate desire to show other companies how to build content marketing engines as we did through expert roundups, so I joined a Question & Answer platform. This opportunity gave me access to 500+ companies.
While there, I:
* Created 150+ expert roundups for dozens of companies Created content strategies for dozens of small and medium-sized companies, such as Balm.ai, Terkel, and so much more
* Crowdsourced expert quotes from 1,500 HR professionals and coaches
These experiences helped reinforce my passion for relationship-building, writing, and helping small businesses scale their content marketing efforts.

In 2023, I started ContentCollab to scale my vision of helping more businesses leverage the power of collaborative marketing.

Today’s readers want articles with subject matter expertise, unique insights, practical examples, and non-obvious tips.

My goal is to help growing businesses create such articles.

Are you looking to improve the quality of your content?

Not sure how to scale your blog output and get more eyes on your content?

Let me show you the processes and frameworks that brought me massive results.